Of Sundays and unreal Springs

I don’t like Sundays. Never did in a very special way. But you know, I come from Italy and I am used to the big traditional Sunday lunches. Best if prepared by the “Italian grandma” who should almost be considered as important as a UNESCO cultural heritage since she is known all around the world, really! So, Sundays always kept being something special to me since I was born. The all thing you do from the start of the weekend is to relax after the week or meeting friends, and then of course, think about the Sunday lunch! If you will be at your grandma’s place then she will start to prepare at 9 in the morning, make food for at least the double of the real number of guests, trying to fill you as much as she can (the goal is to finish all the food on the table, which as I said, is more than the double you would be able to eat!).

So, yesterday was a little different Sunday than the ones I experience when in Sweden, but quite similar to the ones I am used to in Italy. I actually missed the Sunday lunches quite much, and I decided with the other two Italian students who came this semester to arrange a tipical one. After a long time we opted for a “fettuccine ai funghi” which took almost one hour and a half to be prepared. In the campus kitchen there was a Dutch girl…who would have been best to ask making pancakes to? We got simple pancakes, pancakes with Nutella and pancakes with cheese! Crazy lunch that lasted until 5 in the afternoon.

By the way, arrived at home at 6 in the evening I started to be excited for the new starting week. I have a Swedish book to read due tomorrow and I find it very difficult. Also I will have a little concert with the choir at university today before choir rehealsals, which will then last until 21. So today I prepared both snacks, lunch and dinner to bring to university. Among lessons, work at the pub, and the book to read I look forward to fill this week as much as I can…also it is just 16 days left until I will go back to Italy to celebrate Easter with my family and spend time with them, so that is also why I want to do as many things as I want in these last days.

Spring seemed to be on its way for some days ago. Then it started to snow. And snow. And be very white, fortunately not that cold though. But I took a look at the weather forecasts and it looks like Spring will actually come in the right period. Next week it should be sunny and over 0°.

Saturday and Sunday it will be time for me to visit my host family in Uddeholm to say goodbye before I go to Italy. And guess what? It will be the last part of the competition Melodifestivalen, for which all Swedes are crazy and that selects the winner that will go to the Eurovisions. And guess another thing? It looks like it will be sunny and 5° warm in Uddeholm!

On Thursday there will be open house at Karlstad university and I will probably meet some of the students and teachers I know from my exchange year in Uddeholm.

I’ll see you soon!

Have a great start of the week!


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