Summer job and other shifts, of coffees and Sun (finally!)

Hi everyone again!

Today I definitely had the best good morning ever. Better ones where just waking up on the last day of school, Christmas Day during childhood and waking up to the sound of rain, or a blue sunny day after weeks of clouds. So, add to a blue super sunny day with the Sun which shows itself after two weeks of snow and grey, an email that tells you that you are warmly welcomed to work in a restaurant in the islands of Åland, in Finland. There, where a lot of people goes for summer vacations, where the 84% of inhabitants speak Swedish and your knowledge in Swedish is by the way only a merit. So, I applied just a few days ago via and got a super fast answer for two days ago, where they asked for references. A guy I work at Bunkern with sent them a very nice reference mail, and today early in the morning they sent me the welcome letter. Taking in mind that I worked yesterday night at the pub until 1,30, was home in the shower at 2 and slept only until 9 this morning, cycled to university where I met some people from my Swedish high school coming to visit the university, then had a book presentation, back home to sleep, still very tired because of the shift at Bunkern, well, this mail really made my day! Tomorrow they are going to send me the contract, I will work four weeks since the end of June and I look so forward to it! Especially because my family will probably join me there for a while! The restaurant is called Smakbyn (village of taste), and it is located 23 km from Mariehamn, the principal city of the Åland islands.

By the way, I am sitting writing the blog, still very tired after yesterday’s first swimming training after being sick and the shift at Bunkern. I will probably watch some episodes of Dowton Abbey (my family is following it in Rome, so they technically made me love it!) and then sleep for a long time, and I hope I will wake up with a blue sky again tomorrow. Then I will either go to the swimming pool first or to university to study, to go later (at 15,30 tomorrow, two hours earlier than normally, because the student union booked the pub)  and I will have another nice (hopefully) day. Now my goal is to study Swedish as much as I can for the TISUS examination I will have in Malmö in May. Oh, I was actually thinking about going to Malmö next Thursday because they open the university for those interested, but the journey is either too expensive (100 euros return ticket by train) or too long (ten hours by bus), so I will decide consequently.

If I did not already write enough times, you probably noticed that today it was sunny! And as many things have many pros and cons, so it is with very sunny days. You are not longer used to all this light and actually get a little pain in the eyes and headache (or at least I do) and you also get very tired because the Sun gives/gets from you so much energy. And you drink coffee, better if staying or sitting at the sun as many Sweds love to do, and so do I! So, if this was not clear, enjoying the Sun, and the color blue, after so many days is one of the best joys one can experience here in Sweden…..

I will see you later, have a nice night!



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