Early Tuesday briefing

Let’s not say too much about the fact that I woke up at 4 a.m. today. I set the alarm clock at 6.30 a.m. but I guess I was thinking about too many things I have to manage before going to Malmö tomorrow and Thursday, and before going to Italy for two weeks.

Yesterday was a full day. I was at university at 9 to study Swedish for the TISUS exam (C1 in Swedish that I need to study in Swedish at university level) and kept on until 15. I had a lunch break which I thought was good to have outside, so I sat (even without jacket!) in front of uni in the Sun…it was 10°! As I always say, it is wonderful to see Spring approaching here in Sweden! After that, I walked around the library to find some interesting book and I picked up and borrowed “The language instinct-How the mind creates language” by Stephen Pinker…I saw it already some time ago and finally started to read it. Read just 20 pages but it sounds already very interesting and well written.

Now I am making some food to be frozen (my bad for not being able to use earlier than today  that tomato package which otherwise would have expired!) and cleaning clothes. I will go to the library at 8.00 and stay until afternoon…then I will definitely need to tidy the apartment and prepare/plan a little for Malmö tomorrow/Thursday trip. If you did not know I am going to visit the university which has open day, and I will stay there for a total of 24 hours!

I will keep you updated, have a nice day!


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