International brain storming.

I can’t stop writing.

Flying makes us safer than staying on the ground, what wrong is happening to society?

Into the Wild will be my film during the next flight. Saw it tens of times but it never get old.

In Sweden teachers thank you for your take home exam when you receive the grade. It takes time, but it is so rewarding.

Some faces met this morning made my day, spontaneous talks with Korean exchange students and smiles together with a sunny and pretty warm day in Karlstad. Stayed outside drinking coffee and enjoying the sun. Closed my eyes hearing voices of Sweds to happy for the sun, to keep wearing a jacket, even though it is just 6° outside. Love it. I will be back in the middle of Spring. Look forward to it. Look forward to enjoy sun and friends and family in Rome as well.

I am in Frankfurt airport, after the flight from Karlstad I am waiting 4,45 to get the flight to Rome. Security checks were crazy today at Karlstad airport….the third time I fly from there and they were never so accurate. Once I “bipped” at the metal detector, they asked me to put my feet in a sort of scanning machine, then the woman “touched” me very accurately and also checked the part of the legs inside my boots. Then she took a manual metal detector and checked me again.

Here in Frankfurt there is much police more. I was a little nervous before the flight but actually now I am relaxed, I will fly soon and stay far away from this place where love does not seem to be included in our lives.

Happy to have been able to find connection to write this blog.

I will see you soon!


Coffee is killing me! Be aware of its consequences when you fell in love with it!



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