Of Madagascar planes

For some strange reason the flight Rome-Frankfurt-Jönköping-Karlstad does not put luck on my side every time I take it.

Let’s start from the thing that I unintentionally blocked my Swedish sim card when I was at the airport in Rome. This means no chance to make calls or connect to internet once in Sweden. During the flight to Frankfurt, I started to wonder wheter I booked the shuttle taxi from the airport to Karlstad, which gives you the possibility to pay jsut 65 kr instead of 440. Well, of course I could have checked that at the airport in Frankfurt, if just my laptop had worked with the free wifi, which of course did not happen. Or no wait, it actually worked for some seconds, enough time to receive the email from universityadmissions which told me I had received the result from the university of Malmö…guess what…I could not open it! Now, I waited for that response since December, or even more since I tried to get in last year and could not get a place because of late in submissions of a document. And trust me, to wait from 15 to 21.30 to get to know if you are accepted at Malmö university, is not the funniest thing ever. But just have fun about it, ‘cause I actually got accepted!

Well, so I got off from the last plane in Karlstad, 45 minutes earlier than scheduled, and could still not check the booking of the taxi, since my Swedish phone was still blocked (which of course I could not unlock with the puk to be found online!). I asked a taxi driver whether it was the shuttle one, and he said yes, but I will call someone and check for you…which ended with a “it results that you did not book it, can’t you call someone to take you home?”. Now…guess again…you can imagine how not funny it is to not only know to be alone abroad, but to really notice it having to answer nothing less than “I do not have anyone!”. Ok, this sounded pretty desperate does not it? End of the story…I had to pay 350 kr to get home…and today having checked the email I found out that the taxi driver completely fooled me, ‘cause the booking was there!

Well…want to know the previous experience regarding my trip to Karlstad via Frankfurt?

Once arrived at the desk in Frankfurt, I was told that my ticket had been cancelled, probably for a technical error. Four hours to get a new ticket (which was given to me free just because I looked you and cute to the woman helping me) and a night-stay in Frankfurt. Well, I call them experiences 😉





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