Questions on education systems

Education is always been a question at the centre of our political discussions. Is the educational method being used now really leading to something useful and efficient? Do we need to change something in the approach to learning processes? And is theory actually the best basis to be provided in education? To which degree is strictness to be used in school environments?

Ricardo Semler is CEO at a famous Brazilian company and was named Brazilian businessman in 1990 and 1992. In his talk “How to run a company with (almost) no rules”, he gives the chance to reflect about the rules present in both work and study environments. He starts the talk explaining a catching-the-day way of living he has been using in the last few years: doing something he would do if he would have a short life expectancy. What he does later is the explanation of how his company decided to approach to rules and hierarchy customs. He later links to the fact that school does not provide us with things we are not prepared to and instead it fills us with pretty useless notions about history and others subjects.

In my opinion, there is definitely something to be changed regarding education systems. We are in the age of information technology, where most of the traditional knowledge can be shared and found within a click, therefore an innovative education cannot any longer lie only in the amount of informations we are flooded with, but in the way these are exchanged from teacher to students.

I enjoyed watching the talk by Ricardo Semler. The system he started to experiment and analyze in his company for 30 years ago is indeed a very modern and innovative one, which should be shared around the world as a model of reliability, effectiveness in work  environment and life satisfaction.

One thought on “Questions on education systems

  1. Hello!

    I watched the TED talk with Ricardo Semler as well, and I think it is pretty fascinating to hear about his philosphies, and how he is personalizing “thinking outside the box”.

    It was interesting to read your thoughts on Ricardo Semlers philosophies and practices in education. I agree with you that today’s educational system isn’t very modern, we have to change something in order to motivate the young students, maybe Ricardo Semler is right, maybe today’s children need more freedom, and a larger ability to affect what they learn, and how to learn it. It seems that his practices has been very sucessful, and therefore it is only natural that others should try it aswell.

    Maybe this will be an established educational practice in the future, only time will tell.


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