The coffee land

I am finally back in the normal land, country or planet or whatever we want to call it. The normal place is for me a place where car drivers do not try to kill you as soon as you try to cross the road, where people smiles to you in shops, and where they ask you if you want the receive even if you paid with the card, at the end, the country of coffee. It is also the place where if it is cloudy, people do not give up to meet because they feel sad.

Well, yesterday I came back to Karlstad with the famous flight Lufthansa/BMI which requires you to land and take off three times in a day, with a stop of around four hours in Frankfurt. Kind of a experience I would say.

After I had to wait almost eight hours to check my application result for university in Sweden, I got to know that I actually got admitted at the bachelor’s program in “International Migration and Ethnic Relations”, in a few words the course I was dreaming about for two years. Today I will start to look for accommodation in Malmö, and in the next days I will have to fix the personal number request.

I also got from the Italian Embassy an envelope to vote abroad in the middle of April, pretty excited for that!

Well, after woken up at 10 (late for me, early to be the day after the three-round travel), had some kind of breakfast finding hidden food in the refrigerator and prepared my lunch, I am finally at university.

See you later!



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