Falafel in Rome

As falafel fever has just touched the new flow of students arrived this autumn to the city of Malmö, ten days after my return to Rome for Christmas holidays, I find myself trying different tastes in the falafel hub of the Italian capital. You may ask what I am doing here if I continue to eat falafel instead of tasting pizza all the time once I am back? I will tell you…

Malmö’s falafel has the power to change you. While in Rome I may get a pizza or something from the Chinese restaurant just some meters from my door if I do not want to make food, in Malmö you may get the usual question “ska vi köpa falafel?!” (“do you wanna buy falafel?!”) at least twice a week. This for being a student, living in Malmö, being a multicultural city which has been the best environment for falafel sellers to develop, and being the falafel one of the cheapest things to buy as a fast food (a falafel roll in the cheapest place is around 20-25 kr -> € 2,10 – € 2,60). Just to say, my Swedish neighbor and me decided that we are going to count how many “falafel” we buy during 2017. The Independent made it clear in this article, when spending at least one day in Malmö you should try falafel 😉 And in the need of an extensive guide of falafel spots, check this one 🙂

So here I was, walking with my father in the centre at a few minutes walk from the Vatican, wondering if maybe it was not the time to start to taste some falafel to compare them to the “Swedish” ones. We stopped at one where we use to buy a falafel roll, which is definitely different from those they make in Sweden. There we stopped at Viale Giulio Cesare 70.

As he was putting 9 falafel in a box I asked about what they put in them, with him answering that many put chickpeas flour but that they instead put the full chickpeas (boiled), parsley, and vegetables such as carrots and onion. Everything accompanied with a “white sauce” made of yoghurt, mint and dill in another box.

He said to be Kurdish – whether he was from Turkey as my father heard is something to ensure in the following days, when we will also try the other falafel/kebab place in the same street and the one round the corner. Moreover, to be Kurdish is more than belonging just to a country.

Hope one can make use of this short guide of falafel places here in Rome!