Of the Swedish food: Kanelbullar recipe

Here I am, it passed too long time without news about Christmas, so here you have the recipe to bake the typical Swedish cinnamon buns, that I am going to bake this afternoon.

I translated the recipe from this Swedish book (here the English version) that contains the seven kinds of cakes and biscuits most famous in the Swedish traditional baking. I was given this book as a Christmas present from one of my Swedish host-father (svensk värdpappa)’s brothers.

Today, the 8th of December, we celebrate the day of Immaculate conception, as she was born without original sin, as we all were. Yesterday I sang with my choir in the Embassy of Spain by the Vatican and tomorrow the friends I met in the Swedish church and me will go to St.Peter Church to watch the celebration, where also a Swedish celebration will take place (they will sing traditional songs in the “Luciatåg“, and here you have more about it, in Swedish).

Anyway, hope you will have a good Christmassy preparation and have a good meal! See you with the next update on some Christmas things!


Basic dough for approximately 45 buns:

– 150 gr. margarine or butter

– 5 dl milk

– 50 gr. yeast

– 1/2 teaspoon salt

– 1 – 1 1/2 dl sugar

– 1 1/2 teaspoon minced cardamom or 2 teaspoons minced cardamom

– approx. 1.3 lt flour

Glaze and garnish:

– cinnamon

– sugar

– granulated sugar

– butter

Smell the butter in a sauce pan, and add the milk. Warm until the mix reaches the temperature of approx. 37˚.

Dissolve the yeast in a big bowl with a little of the liquid mix. Add the the rest of the broth and then also the salt, sugar, the cinnamon and more than the two-thirds of the flour.

Knead the dough until it comes away from the edges and let it repose until it becomes the double. Then stretch the dough to a square. Put some butter, sugar and cinnamon on it, and roll the dough. Cut slices 2 cm depth and put them in cake shapes. Cover them with beaten egg and some granulated sugar and put them in the preheated oven, 180˚ for 10-15 minutes.