As usual a year’s last post has to be written! I actually do not know what to write and how much, because this year has been confusing on one hand and very relaxing on the other one.

So I start following the tradition of listing the own intentions for the approaching year.

First of all, I want to succeed in the Swedish test (level B1) taking place in February, and the English one (FCE) that will be in Maj. Then, in June-July, it will be the time for me for the “big exam”, at the end of high-school.

The purpose is, for the next year and the others, to study well new languages as well as improve English and Swedish.

I attach here the link to the post of the 31st of December of the last year, when I was in Sweden

Of course a lot of the things in the list, maybe all of them, are fair if I consider this year too because I returned from Sweden in June and have needed a lot of time to get in the Italian culture one more time.

Since this week I started to miss my Swedish family a lot, together with all the Swedish habits and landscapes. I am going to decide soon where to start university and what to study. I think I will attend the first three years here in Rome and then maybe move to Carlsbad for one or two more years of studying.I look forward to everything!

Now I have to go, I am staying with my family for this New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!